Milk Milk

A Marketing Resource


Founded in 2007 in Portland, OR, milk milk is, put simply, a marketing collective. milk milkmerges experience and street-smarts with a creative and mindful touch. We thrive on connecting people and building distinctive and tailored marketing programs. We work only with people we respect and are inspired by, and with products & services that we ourselves use. We believe that a quality product or service speaks for itself – it is our mission to make that voice heard with style and personality, delivering your message to the right eyes and ears – minus the unnecessary fluff and unappealing spin tactics.

The milk milk collective methodology means that instead of housing a roster of thousands of automatons under one roof, we have a few rock stars in-house (literally, we work in a house) and bring in the best talent for each job from our spectacular database of contacts. Utilizing extensive relationships and experience, we cull from a diverse pool of gifted people who shine in their respective fields and handpick perfectly suited partners to work on each client’s programs. milk milk offers up the best in Marketing Solutions: from Public Relations to trackable Interactive Marketing with milk milk mobile, customized OOH Campaigns, well-crafted Cross Promotions, and much more – we’ve got you covered.

At milk milk, we know that laughter and hard work are not mutually exclusive; we take our business seriously, but not ourselves. We enjoy our work and are passionate about a great many things including: fashion, music, art, sustainability, home & garden, food & beverages, bath & body, animals, community projects, books & comics, and action sports.

The milk milk philosophy is about sharing ideas, embracing constructive honesty, bringing people together, and actively creating meaningful interactions. We believe in relationships – and long-term relationships are based on quality, honesty and trust (And sushi. Lots of sushi.) Our ideology is evident in the quality of both the results we deliver and the clients we call family.

milk milk por vida!